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“Every chef you work with has something to offer. Something they excel in and I made sure that I learnt every one of their strengths. I have still much to learn and that’s why I still enjoy working as a chef.”

- Chef Jamal Uddin Ahmed

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Part of the Shozna Group, Humayra is also owned by Executive Chef Jamal "Jay" Uddin Ahmed. Jay is renowned in both the UK, India and Bangladesh for his superior cuisine. He has won awards on both continents, from local and regional awards to national competitions.


Shozna Strood, Jay's first restaurant, was successful enough that he opened a second location (Shozna Rochester) in 2005. Here he indulged his passion for food experimentation as he created 14 new dishes for the new restaurant. Jay hasn't always run the show, though, and looks back fondly at his humble beginnings, peeling potatoes and washing dishes. His dedication and commitment to excellence is what led Jay to where he is today, and what guarantees you the very best meals at any of his restaurants.

  • Medway Curry Chef of the Year

  • South East Curry Chef of the Year

  • National Curry Chef Runner Up of the Year

  • Finalist South Asian Curry Chef of the Year 2006

  • International Curry Chef of 2006 in India & Bangladesh

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